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Our farm is the main source of the diverse ingredients that appear on the menu and share a commitment to cultivating a biodiverse ecosystem with no-till practices to help develop healthy, rich soil to grow vegetables abundant in nutrition and flavor.

Little Saint Farm

Little Saint Farm is 5 miles from Little Saint and is a 5-acre property located off Westside Road on the outskirts of Healdsburg. Little Saint Farm is committed to cultivating a biodiverse ecosystem while strengthening our climate resilience. Farmer Samantha Gregory’s no-till practices develop healthy, rich soil-the key to growing ingredients abounding with nutrition and flavor. Much of what guests will enjoy eating in the cafe and restaurant as well as some of our floral programs will be a product of what is grown on Little Saint Farm. The Little Saint Farm team works directly with SingleThread Farm to create a wholesome offering.

Farm Team

Sam Gregory
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Nina Fitch
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